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"Scoop the Poop" Campaign
& Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996

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Why Wait Till Winter?
ç Information provided by Vale Council è Scoop the Poop Campaign

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Vale of Glamorgan Council staff launching Scoop the Poop Campaign in 2004 at RAF St Athan's Bring your dog to work day

Photo caption: Vale Of Glamorgan Council staff were on hand to launch Scoop at RAF St Athan's  'Bring your dog to work day' in 2004.  L - R Casey Govier, Dog Warden, Miles Punter, Head of Visible Services, Adrian Curnock, Compliance / Enforcement Officer and Nicola Williams, Waste Development Manager.

6 FT TALL DOG FRONTS COUNCIL’S  ‘SCOOP THE POOP’ CAMPAIGN 2004     Back to top/Quick Links  

A six foot tall dog called Scoop was recruited to help the Vale Of Glamorgan Council in its on-going campaign to rid the Vale of dog mess.

Scoop featured on leaflets and posters that were used to help spread the council’s ‘scoop your poop’ message throughout the Vale.  He also visited schools and public events to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership.

The council had already done a lot of work to combat the problem of dog mess including providing free bags to help owners clean up after their dogs and strengthening it’s enforcement team.

Head of Visible Services, Miles Punter, was sure Scoop would help persuade even more people to ‘bag it and bin it.’  He said:

“Dogs make wonderful pets and companions and are welcomed in the Vale, dog mess however, is not. Scoop will help reinforce the message that owners need to clean up after their dogs and not leave it behind for others to find. Failure to clean up is an offence that can result in an on the spot fine of £75 and our enforcement officers are out and about targeting offenders.”

Dog owners were reminded that they could use any plastic bag and the waste could be disposed of in any bin as long as the bag was securely tied.

Be a responsible dog owner:

  • Always clean up after your dog
  • Remember you are guilty of an offence if you fail to clean up after your dog
  • Worm your dog – dogs that are not wormed regularly can carry infections
  • Spread the word on responsible dog ownership to others.

For further information please visit Vale of Glamorgan Council website

DOGS (FOULING OF LAND) ACT 1996   FACT SHEET     Back to top/Quick Links  

The law     Back to top/Quick Links  

The Dogs (fouling of Land) Act 1996 is criminal legislation, put in place to combat the increasing problem of dog fouling and the associated health risks.   It is not a Local Authority By Law.

The Offence
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If a dog defecates at any time on designated land and the person in charge of the dog fails to remove the faeces forthwith, that person will be guilty of an offence.

What is Designated Land?
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All land within The Vale Of Glamorgan that is open to the air and to which the public is entitled or permitted to have access (with or without payment),  i.e. Parks, Verges, Footpaths, Greens, Beaches, Roads etc, etc, is designated.

What land is not designated?
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· Land comprised of or running alongside a highway, where the speed limit is above 40 mph.

· Land used for agriculture or woodland

· Land, which is predominantly Marshland or Heath.

· Common land, to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access.

· Land where the owner has consented to leaving the faeces on the land.

The Local Authority, on application by the landowner, may also designate Private land where the public are permitted access.

The Fine

Any person who commits an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, is liable to an "On the Spot" fine of £75, or if found guilty in a court of law, a fine not exceeding £1000.

Local Authority By-Laws
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All Local Authority dog fouling by-laws will automatically cease to have effect on designated land 10 years after enactment.  The Act then becomes compulsory on land to which this Act applies.

Local Authority dog fouling by-laws covering land to which this Act does not apply, will continue to be applied.

What should I do once I have "Scooped the Poop"?
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Once you have bagged your dog's faeces, you are able to dispose of it in any Dog Bin or Litterbin.  The faeces must be bagged before depositing in a bin.

Failure to dispose of the faeces properly constitutes an offence.

Can I report Offenders?
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If you see anyone committing an offence, you are able to report it to the Local Authority.  Once identified, the offender will be approached and warned of their actions.  The warning will be recorded for future reference.  YOUR DETAILS WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED.

Non-Acceptable Excuses
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Excuse - "I didn't see my dog foul"
Response - This is not a defence under the law.  Always keep your dog on a lead where appropriate and always maintain visual contact when it is off the lead.

Excuse - "My dog has a medical condition, which causes it to foul without warning"
Response - The Fixed Penalty is not being served on the dog; it is being served on the person in charge for not cleaning up after the dog.

Excuse - "It's not my dog, I'm walking it for a friend"
Response - The action is being taken against the person who is habitually in charge of the dog or any other person who is in charge of the dog at the time of the offence.

Excuse - " You can't book me, I'm on private land"
Response - Ownership of land is not a consideration.  What the land is normally used for determines whether it is designated or not. e.g. Caravan Parks and Recreational Land under private ownership can still be designated.

Excuse - "I didn't see any signs"
Response - Not clearing up after your dog on designated land is illegal, anti-social and irresponsible and does not require a sign to remind dog owners of their responsibilities to others.  In most cases the Local Authority is not obligated to erect signs.

Excuse - "I'm a pensioner and it's not right to expect me to clear up after my dog"
Response - The only people exempted are those who are registered as blind persons.  If you own and exercise a dog then you accept all the responsibilities,  which go with owning and exercising a dog.

Excuse - "I haven't anything to Scoop the Poop"
Response - There are 2 main reasons why people take their dogs for a walk: a) for exercise and b) so that the dog can foul away from the owners property.  Fouling is almost inevitable whenever a dog is exercised, so a suitable scoop should always be carried.  It is not the responsibility of the local authority to provide Poop Scoops.

Excuse - "There are no bins in the area"
Response - Although the Local Authority strives to provide as many litter and dog bins as possible, there may be areas where bins are not conveniently spaced.  It is still your responsibility to Scoop the Poop and transfer it to a suitable bin. 

Poster in English: Help Scoop keep the Vale free from dog mess Bag it and Bin it!     Poster in Welsh: Helpwch Sgwp i gadw'r Fro'n rhydd o faw ci Lapiwch E A'i roi yn y bin!

The above information provided by the Vale of Glamorgan Council ©

IDENTIFYING ANIMALS     Back to top/Quick Links  

A trial undertaken on the Isle of Man during 2006 followed a publicity drive to encourage householders to report owners who refuse to scoop up after their pets.  The campaign involved officers collecting samples from pavements and parks and then extracting DNA to compare with a database from animals that were known offenders as well as taking swabs from animals believed to be the main culprits in an effort to change the behaviour of a small number of dog-owners who failed to clean up the mess. 

ZERO TOLERANCE      Back to top/Quick Links  

The Vale of Glamorgan Council announced that from Monday, 30th July, 2012 there would be a one-year pilot scheme of a "zero tolerance" approach to (littering and) dog fouling with patrols being undertaken and offenders being issued with a fixed penalty notice of £75 without warning.  It was hoped that targeting those who did not pick up after their dog fouls, dropped litter or tossed cigarette ends to one side would lead to improvement in the cleanliness of streets parks and beaches.  The report stated that it cost Councils over £885 million a year for street cleansing which could be better spent on roads, schools, public toilets, etc. 

DETAILS OF DOG BAN     Back to top/Quick Links  

From 1st May to 30th September dogs are banned from the following five beaches in the Vale of Glamorgan area: Southerndown; Llantwit Major, Barry Island (Whitmore Bay); Cold Knap/The Knap, Barry; Penarth Beach. 

It is an offence to take any dog on a beach where a ban is enforced.  If caught, a person can face a fine of up to £500. 


Refuse Disposal/Recycling Collection  | What Can I Do?  |  Kerbside Collection Checklist
 Why Wait Till Winter?
ç Information provided by Vale Council è Scoop the Poop Campaign

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