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Four local artists and their work

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Background information on four local artists is given below, as well as a selection of their work that was exhibited at Ty Maen, Ogmore-by-Sea in 2006. 

Four local artists exhibited their work at Ty Maen, Ogmore-by-Sea,  in 2006; a selection of which is shown below, together with information on their backgrounds.  Quick link to:    Debbie     Kathryn     Deborah     Natalie    


2006 Exhibition by four local artists, held in Ty Maen, Ogmore Village (1 of 25)


Debbie studied fine art in Manchester and went on to develop her skills in fabric craft and design exhibiting her work from this period at various locations throughout Lancashire.  On relocating to South Wales she found herself moved by the beautiful Heritage Coast but it was not only the sea, surf and elements that inspired her artwork; the fine details of found objects, "nature's treasure," from in and around the Welsh shoreline also provided an endless supply of inspiration and Debbie  specialised in capturing the intricate detail of her subject matter that invited the eye to look and then look again.  Commissions for portraits in acrylics are taken by Debbie.  Please telephone 880341 

Kathryn achieved a degree in Art and English and spent several years working as a craftsperson before returning to fine art as a means of expression to produce large canvases with glimpses of the natural environment drenched in light and dark and portraits that brought her subjects to life through a sympathetic use of colour.  Living close to the Heritage Coast she found inspiration from the ever-changing drama created by the cliffs and beaches of the area; Kathryn's sometimes-fierce use of complementary colours resulted in paintings that produced a depth and life.  Commissions for portraits in pastels and oil are taken by Kathryn.  Please telephone 880448 

Deborah, a textile and mixed media artist whose use of hand painted fabrics, hand made felts and other materials allowed her to create unique, quality pieces that move craft skills into the realms of fine art, further developed her design skills by undertaking a course of Creative Studies in Textiles.  Her love of the dramatic landscape of the Heritage Coast in which she lived inspired her to take on the incredible patterns and forms of the rock formations and translate them into intricate, highly textured works of art.  The textures and tones of the nearby dunes also provided a constant source of inspiration and she combined the natural forms of the sand and grasses with the marks that man has made on these specialised surroundings. 

Natalie's studied art in Bridgend and the freedom to experiment with materials nurtured during her studies stayed with her as well as a quest to discover new materials which she could include within her pictures to create movement and depth.  Her vivacious and exciting style of art and experimental use of unusual materials from polystyrene to beeswax provided her paintings with texture and life.  At her studio in Ogmore-by-Sea, Natalie found inspiration from the environment in which she lived and walked the coastline to observe the textures, colour and light around her and translate her observations into her work to create a crossover within her work between abstract and figurative art. 

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